Our Mission

The purpose of Give Back Box® is to provide an effortless and convenient method of donating your used household items. Give Back Box not only provides an easy way to be part of a truly good cause, it gives a secondary use to corrugated boxes and guarantees they will be recycled.. So this is an all-round CSR & Sustainability solution.

Did you know?

Approximately 100 billion boxes are manufactured every year in the USA. Over 95% of all products in the U.S. are shipped in cardboard boxes. If stacked end to end they could wrap around the Earth 570 times!

The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. The single best thing we can do for the planet is consume less and reuse more.

This is where Give Back Box come to help!

Since 2012 we shipped and recycled over ONE million boxes..

With that, over 19 mill pieces of clothing was diverted from the landfill.

That’s over 13 mil pounds of clothing!

In 2019 we shipped recycled over 55 k boxes and

880k pieces of clothing – 660,000 lb. were reused. In 2020 - 120 k boxes 1,440,000 lb. of clothing received a second life. In 2021 and 2022 we diverted from landfills 5 million pounds of clothes!


50,000 lb of LEGO® bricks were donated in 2019 as part of the LEGO Replay program.

A step towards creating a circular business model by encouraging consumers to pass on LEGO bricks to children in need of play.

Thank you so much for your contribution!

We continue to help you be smart about your wardrobe and give you opportunity to make an impact in the most convenient way.

Donate with us today and make a difference!

For Information on how to become a Give Back Box Partner contact us at info@givebackbox.com

Phone: +1 310-954-2003

Address: 5419 Hollywood Blvd. Suite C116, Los Angeles, CA, 90027

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