Our sustainability impact


Everyday millions of corrugated boxes are being shipped by online retailers. While 93% of all corrugated boxes are recycled, this program ensures that the box gets a second life and is recycled.  Our Give Back Box® mission is dedicated to protecting our environment through the philosophy of reduce, reuse, and recycle by helping people to donate items to charities using the same box.


Through making the item donations process both convenient and hassle free, we will change the way people donate and allow charities to collect donations to help carry out their mission. The average US household has around $7000 dollars of unwanted items (NPD study 2011). Donating these items makes helping the 50 million people living below poverty a reality.


Donating using Give Back Box is hassle free for the donor and it also saves time in their already busy schedule. You no longer have to use your time to drive and drop-off your donation, you can simply mail it to the charity. The retailer bottom line is also impacted positively through enabling them to become the catalyst in providing their customers with the convenience.

Stakeholders Benefits


Give Back Box®   provides an innovative, effortless method of donating, which increases donations for charities and allows them to carry out their mission.


Our innovative approach revolutionizes the shopping experience by creating a deeper relationship with your customers. It enables retailers to achieve major brand and PR recognition through cause based marketing.


Now, as a part of your online shopping experience, you can donate household items in easy and convenient way. It's a great way to recycle, support and strengthen your own community.

For Information on how to become a Give Back Box Partner contact us at info@givebackbox.com

Phone: +1 310-954-2003

Address: 5419 Hollywood Blvd. Suite C116, Los Angeles, CA, 90027

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